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A master key or restricted key system offers the highest security because your keys will never be copied without authorisation. Speak to our locksmiths for master key installation advice.

What are master keys or restrictive keys?

Master key and restrictive keys use patent protected keys and locked cores. They can be used to restricts access to areas in a building or areas of the workplace stopping unauthorised access and duplication of keys for restricted areas.

As a strata manager, member of the Owners Corporate or property manager, security is one of the most important requirements for your role. By introducing a master key or restrictive key system, you can control access, offering peace of mind.

The importance of restricted key systems

Restricted key systems are the highest security option that ensure your keys will never be copied without authorisation. This system utilises patent protected keys and locked cores, which restricts access to areas in the complex. This stops unauthorised access and duplication of keys for restricted areas.

These special keys limit access to approved personnel only. It is also a simple and cost-effective solution, making it a viable security option for property or complex owners.

If you require a system for one building or for several multi-level complexes, we can create this specialised key that suits your requirements.

Why you should have restricted key systems

With a restricted key system, you can limit access to sensitive areas of a building or complex while allowing full-access to trusted employees. Individuals with restricted keys can also access numerous areas with a singular key, which promotes fewer risks. Keys are also easier to track and reduces the chances of unauthorised duplication.

Improve your building’s security with Britlock Locksmiths’ restricted key system service.

Speak to our locksmiths about master key installation

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As your local security specialist, our mobile locksmiths deliver the best results to ensure your residential property, strata building or commercial premises are secure. The core of our business focuses on providing clients with efficient and reliable locksmith and security services.

Security is no laughing matter; we know it deserves serious attention. Our team of dedicated locksmiths will respond to any job immediately and with the best tools. We put all our efforts in providing clients with the security they need and can trust.

Britlock Locksmiths provide a prompt and expert emergency service and our fully equipped mobile workshops will ensure that we secure your property quickly and efficiently.

All Britlock Locksmiths are qualified and insured, and have undertaken extensive police checks and contain all the necessary security licences.

We service all Sydney suburbs.  Our mobile locksmiths are based in Ryde, the Inner West, Drummoyne, North Shore, Chatswood, Gladesville, Lane Cove, North Sydney and Castle Hill.

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24 Hour Lock-out Service: Lost keys or damaged locks? From deadlocks to bike locks and everything in between, we can open them all in no time.

Alarm Systems: Wired or wireless, motion detectors or cameras. We can come and inspect your property to help you decide what’s right for your needs and budget.

CCTV Systems: The right camera in the right location. Our technicians can come and help you design a CCTV system that’s perfect for your building or property.

Garage Locks and Accessories: We supply and install a range locks and accessories for garage and roller doors. Repairs, installations or turning your old manual garage door into a fully automatic one.

Key Cutting & Restricted Keys: Our mobile workshops are stocked with the widest range of keys and accessories. Doors, garages, letterboxes, padlocks and windows and our secure Restricted Key System…

Keyless Entry: From pin-code access, fob, key card or even your fingerprint, digital access solutions will make your security more convenient and put a stop to lost keys and lock outs.

Padlocks and Accessories: We supply and install a range padlocks and accessories such as bolts and hydraulic door closers. We can also open and rekey padlocks.

Safes: From floor and wall safes to filing cabinet or jewellers’ safes. We stock, install or even crack a wide variety of safes. …

Security Doors & Entrances: We can supply and install a range of security doors, front doors and internal doors, 24/7. We also repair all kinds of doors and entrances.

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