5 Tips To Choosing A Reliable Locksmith

Locksmith Selection Guide

Be it commercial or residential in nature, everyone finds themselves in need of a locksmith at some point in their lives. Now, if you live in Sydney Australia, a simple Google search for “locksmith Sydney” can give you an overwhelming number of options – but how do you find one that you can trust?

If this is your first time looking for a locksmith online, there are definitely some key differences that make the reliable locksmiths stand out from the rest.

So, what are some of the biggest things to look out for when looking for a reliable Sydney locksmith?

#1: Assess your situation

Locked out of your house? Installing a new door? Or maybe you’d like to install a security system in your home. Whilst most lockies do all of the above, some specialise in just a few of these services and not others. The main tip we’d like to suggest here is to be clear on the type of service you need before you start your search.

This will put you in a better position to identify and compare experts who can provide you with the service you need. It also helps you speak about the service clearly, so that there are no miscommunications or miss quotes.

Major Types of Locksmith Services In Sydney, Australia

There are several types of locksmith services across Sydney, here are some of the most common ones:

  • Residential locksmith services
  • Commercial locksmith
  • Mobile locksmith
  • Security key duplication
  • Security door installation, repair, and maintenance
  • Emergency lockout assistance
  • Electronic lock installation

#2: Check for Quality Reviews

When you are ready to hire a reliable Sydney locksmith, it is important to check how that service provider had completed similar projects to other customers. Everyone can claim that they’re a pro, but it’s what their customers are saying about them that tells the full story.

So, step 2 is to look at their recent reviews on places like Google, Yelp, Yellow Pages and more. Do you see other customers speaking about a similar service that you are looking for? Great! Are there multiple customers doing the same? Even better!
Google have become pretty good at filtering out fake reviews (Yes, people still do get fake reviews to their profiles), so I would tend to trust the reviews I see on Google.

Handy Tip
If you see lots of reviews from profiles that have only left 1 review, that’s a pretty big red flag that those reviews could be fake.

I also tend to ignore the general reviews as well, as they are likely customers who are just leaving reviews because the locksmith asked for them. What you really want to keep an eye out for are those customers who leave raving reviews, because the service was THAT good.

Cough Cough* Did you know that Britlock Locksmiths have over 220+ 5 Star reviews, from happy customers all across Sydney?
Okay… I’ll stop flexing now. Let’s carry on.

#3: Credentials And Registration

Yes, there are still some cowboys in our industry giving the rest of us lockies a bad name.

The entry barrier in this industry is not too high, and based on this a lot of people think that they could simply pick up some tools from Bunnings, slap a sticker on their van and call themselves a professional locksmith. While most of the time they can and do get the job done, we have been called in to rectify some doozies over the years, and can say that it is always best to trust a professional when it comes to something important like securing your home.

A great way to check if the person working on your home is an actual, qualified locksmith is to check their certifications. Are they registered with Master Locksmiths of Australia? Do they have a valid license, and a valid ABN number?

The Master Locksmiths of Australia are an independent body who are the premier industry association in Australia. Most of the members and companies have professional insurance coverage and security license to operate in Australia.

#4: Check Their Track Record

Even with all of the above, not all locksmiths are created equally. Its not enough to just be a registered locksmith service provider. You want to check the track record of the companies that you are looking at hiring. Are they new? Have they had multiple business name changes (You can check this against their ABN). All of the above might not be huge red flags in and of themselves but are worth looking in to just to be sure.

Off course, we are not saying that veteran locksmiths always deliver the best services, but we do feel like there is something to be said for having years of experience. If you are paying per hour, then it stands to reason that the experienced service provider that is able to complete the job quickly and with certainty will be the more reliable choice over someone who is “learning on the job”.

#5: Compare the Cost of Locksmith Services

What is the cost of local locksmith services in Sydney Australia?

When you have narrowed down and clarified the exact type of services you want, and you are happy with your list of contractors, its time to start getting in contact.
When speaking to them, take note of the differences in the depth of their experiences as well as the cost of services.

Off course, various contractors will have various service pricing. Now we never recommend picking your locksmith based solely on price – but it is always important to know what the general price is for a service so that you can make an informed decision. From there, you can rule out the outliers and make a decision based on the ones who you feel meet all of the above criteria and who you feel comfortable working with.

At this point, you can feel super confident that you have picked the best locksmith for your particular job, who fits into your budget.

Ready to hire?

To some people, it may seem very easy to pick any locksmith service provider and start bargaining with them.

However, skipping these steps might lead you to some irreversible mistakes. Since the security of your family, home or business is always a high priority, extra care should be taken when you are bringing in an expert to work in your home.

Importantly, do not take the easy option because of small savings. When it comes to all things security, prevention is better than cure.

If you are ready to hire a professional locksmith service, that is always on time, on quote and who offer a quality installation every time – the team at Britlock Locksmiths are ready to take your call.

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