Monitor your property from anywhere at anytime

Maximise your building or property security with a CCTV system.

A closed-circuit television (CCTV) system is a great way to protect your building or property. Today most systems come with a live feed to your phone or computer which allows you to monitor your property even when away. The visibility of cameras also acts as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

The many benefits of having CCTV

There are many benefits of installing a CCTV system:

Visible cameras are proven to  discourage criminal activity while at the same time they also have the benefit of reducing your insurance premiums.

If your property is frequently vacant, being able to monitor what’s happening on-site at any time also increases your peace of mind.

A simple CCTV system is also an ideal way to save evidence in the event of an insurance claim or to assist in Police investigations. 

What you need to know about installing a CCTV system

Our technicians will consider and discuss the following issues with you, prior to carrying out any quote or installation:

  • Positioning the camera – It is critical to ensure the camera is located appropriately so that you do not get reversed images.
  • Choosing the best location – It is important to ensure that the camera is not affected by direct sunlight as this will obscure the view during sunny days. It is also critical to locate the camera where there are no view obstructions.
  • Knowing the camera range before purchasing – It is important that the camera has sufficient range to maintain its operation and avoid errors.
  • Using enough cameras or sensors for your property – Installing enough cameras to ensure that the whole of your property is able to be monitored.
  • Choosing a power source – A wired CCTV camera should have a battery in case of power outage. For wireless cameras always ensure you have extra batteries.
  • Activating alerts – Since you may not always keep monitoring your CCTV, it is helpful to receive SMS/email notifications you when the system captures movement.
  • Avoiding hackers – Always use a password so that the CCTV system is not easily hacked.
  • Ensuring stability – It is important to install the CCTV to a suitable surface so that it is stable.
  • CCTV is a worthy investment and can save you much money and trouble.

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