Maximum security with minimal fuss

Keyless locking improves your convenience and puts an end to lost keys and accidental lock outs.

Keyless entry systems mean you no longer need a key to gain access to your property. There’s a range of solutions to choose from which give you the ability to use a pin-code, fob, key card or even your fingerprint to gain access to your home or business premises.

Say goodbye to lost keys!

One of the main benefits of digital access control is the fact that you’ll never need keys again. As technology improves, you can also operate many keyless entry solutions with your smart phone.

Digital access control solutions are great for your kids, so they can just enter a PIN code into the lock. They’re also perfect for holiday homes and short-term rental properties, where security has traditionally been compromised by owners distributing a number of keys to their various guests.

Control and monitor who accesses your property

Keyless entry solutions have a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Protecting your staff by keeping unwanted visitors out of controlled areas areas.
  • Provide access records. A digital access control system can be linked to a database, automatically keeping access records for security, building management and payroll verification purposes.
  • Streamline access across multiple premises. No more dealing with separate sets of keys across different offices – configure staff access privileges across every building they work in.

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