Security Systems

What is a security system?

All  security systems operate with the one fundamental premise: guarding access points such as doors and windows, as well as internal spaces storing valuables such as paintings, laptops and jewelry collections. The amount of security components installed all through the property and regulated by the control unit is the only significant difference despite the size of your property, or the quantity of entryways or interior rooms a you may wish to secure.

For both home and industrial customers in Sydney, Britlock locksmiths develop and implement entire security systems, from smaller scaled solutions to complex enterprise structures. A great security model utilises several approaches that provide you superior safety and reliability in order to optimise the protection of your property or company and the personnel within.

How does a security system work?

Home and business security today heavily rely on wireless security systems in order to protect and keep the enterprise and family safe. But, how exactly does a security system protect your loved ones?

Firstly, security systems are not individual accessories that stand alone just to make you feel safe; it is a sequence and a variety of components wherein these devices are working in unison in order to gather relevant information towards a central console. The instruments and monitors are mounted in their strategic positions to protect the area in which they are installed and set in.

What are the types of security systems?

Access Control Systems

Access control systems enable you to take absolute control of the entryways inside your home or business which include doors, elevators and turnstiles. This is done by providing certain provisions or parameters in order to allow or restrict entry such as regular key access, card access, or even advanced access control systems use bio metrics such as eye scanners and fingerprint sensors.

In a smart home, easy to install access control systems are controlled by simply using WiFi through the homeowner’s phone or personal computer.

The biggest advantage of utilising an access control system for home security and business security is the fact that you can track, in real time, who is entering your house or office.

This way, the owner of the property can have the peace of mind knowing when and who is entering their premises, thus expanding the security of the house or establishment.

Intercom Systems

Meanwhile, intercom systems are essentially short range telecommunication devices designed to easily communicate with in-house workers and/or visitors in your home or establishment. These intercoms typically use phones or loudspeakers all around.

Intercom systems work well with camera accessories or surveillance systems due to the fact that it ensures both aural and visual confirmation of a visitor.

Alarm Systems

Britlock Locksmiths give only the best and most robust alarm systems for their beloved customers. These alarms allow the detection of a home or business invasions through the use of motion sensors that catches light and movement.

Britlock Locksmiths offers modern alarm systems capable of both interior warning through heavy audio notification and remote notification to the property owner through cloud-based systems.

Alarm systems are largely beneficial to property owners as it is one of the most vital parts of a security system because of its active role of deterring burglary and theft, by being able to remotely detect these kinds of events, one’s peace of mind will prevail.

Security cameras & surveillance systems

Surveillance systems are the bread and butter of any security system. Because of its ability to visually report on any circumstance happening near the vicinity of your property, it helps in keeping your family and pets in check, deter the possibility of attempted crime, and most of all, it may also assist in police investigation should the need for footage arise.

What type of security camera do you need?

Any type of security camera works as long as it is connected to a central security system managed and controlled by the property owner. Standard definition security cameras ranging from 480 to 1080p should work wonders for home security and business security.

However, look no further because Britlock Locksmiths provide the best surveillance systems that are easy to install which are perfect for keeping and ensuring your loved ones’, smart home’s, and small business’ safety and security!

Why should I install a security system in Sydney?

Although Sydney is not exactly the hub of crime, installing a security system allows you to rest easy, giving you peace of mind resulting in knowing that your business, property and family are safe and protected. Furthermore, depending on the type of security system you have, it can also guarantee fire protection.

Ready to take your security to the next level?

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