Rekeying Locks Service

When should you re-key the locks to your home?

When you move into a new property, or have the awful experience of losing or having your keys stolen, it is a good idea to contact a locksmith to have your locks re-keyed. Rekeying a lock does not require the whole lock or handle to be changed or replaced. Rather, it involves a locksmith removing the cylinder from the lock, and changing the pins inside the lock, so that the old key will no longer work. It is a simple and cost effective way to ensure that only you and other authorised key-holders are able to access the property.

When we rekey your locks, we can also key the locks alike, so that you can use the same key within multiple locks. This means you no longer have to keep a huge bundle of keys for all of the different locks in your property, and try to remember which key operates which lock!

If you know that you’re going to be moving into a new property, give us a call beforehand, and ideally send through some photos of the locks on the doors, windows, gates, garages and the like, and we can provide you with a quote for the cost to rekey the locks. We can even do the job the same day as the removalists are moving you in, so that you can spend your first night in your new home, safe in the knowledge that your property is secure.

Alternatively, if your keys have been lost or stolen, call us and we can come the same day to rekey your locks and take away any stress you may have.