Lock Installation Service

Having new locks installed properly is integral to ensure that it operates correctly and smoothly. We understand that most hardware bought locks come with fitting instructions and that most handymen can fit one but what is the difference between them and us?

Often when a handyman or a diy’er tries to fit a lock it could end up costing more in the long term than employing a professional and we get many calls from people saying I had the local handyman have a go at installing my lock or I read the instructions and I am sure I did it right but the lock is not functioning properly as it was installed incorrectly and these issues could have been avoided by having our qualified tradesman at your property. It is also vital that the correct tools are used as some locks require specific mortising jigs or security bits.

How locks work?

Locks operate within millimeters and a lock that is fitted wrong will inevitably cause it to fail or get jammed and can also cause many issues such as internal malfunctions to having the latch trapped. A door should shut smoothly and not need to be slammed, lifted or manipulated in any way and having a lock that is loose, stiff to operate, or it has to be located a certain way are signs of a bad job and when it comes to lock installation no job is too big or small for the team at Britlock.

Why you shouldn’t DIY a lock installation?

Most of us are always finding ways to save money where we can and when getting pricing initially your local handyman will be the cheaper option compared to us but on the flip side you are guaranteed that we will do the job once because as qualified locksmiths we are trained to fit all types of locks and ensure they are fitted correctly which means you won’t need to worry about your lock having issues. We also aim to do installations in a timely manner using the correct tools for any installation from fitting jigs, routering tools, mortising jig, sharp chisels, cordless drills to a drop sheet and vacuum, we never leave a mess.

Having the correct tools ensures that your lock is fitted to factory specifications, a mortice lock requires a precision mortising jig which our team carries on board along with every tool needed to complete any installation so you can rest assured that the Britlock team is ready for anything.

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