Lock Repair Service

AHHH this lock is playing up again!!!! It happens to everyone, locks have a lifespan and just like anything, will need to be repaired or replaced at some point. Quite often it is a simple inexpensive fix that can give you peace of mind and a silky smooth feel to you opening your door.
Locks wear out over time and eventually need to be replaced. Dont wait until it’s too late and your door has to be opened using destructive methods.

Our technicians can assess your locks and recommend the best outcome, in every situation we will always attempt to service your locks before replacing.

We know that you can purchase a lock from any hardware store but how do you know if it is a good quality product, let’s be honest if your paying $20 for it how good could it possibly be but that’s not to say they are all bad. We supply and install a wide range of locks from Lockwood, brava, lane and Kaba and can always find the right lock for your needs.
Quite often we have customers come to us requesting keys be made to an old door or cabinet or even jewelry boxes. Locksmiths enjoy this work because believe it or not there is quite a process in opening something and making an old style key by hand.
Thousands of years ago keys were actually made out of wood and would weigh in excess of 20 kilos. Individuals would have a designated key slave to carry around there key for the castle anywhere they went.
In federation houses and others of this era it is quite common to find old style mortice locks which of course can be replaced. However we can also make keys and repair old locks to get them back into service.
With such a large population of Australia living near the coast it is important to use good quality hardware as much as possible otherwise coastal elements will deteriorate your lock in a matter of months.

Why call Britlock for your lock repair?

As master locksmiths Lock repair and replacement is something we deal with day in and day out dont hesitate to get in touch with Britlock and the team to see if we can be of assistance to you.