Ring Doorbell

Protect your home with a Ring of Security

Ring CCTV doorbells, Ring flashlights outside and Ring Chimes Pro alarm amplifiers are still one of the most trusted doorbells and camera accessories in the market today.

Ring-based doorbells and flashing light cameras provide the best ways of keeping track of your household security right at the palm of your hands through the ring app. Ring video recordings can be connected to your house with one or more cameras depending on how much coverage you want inside or outside your property.

Regardless of how many cameras or ring video doorbell devices you may have installed in your home. You may think that keeping them managed is a bit of a chore, but this is not the case due to the accessibility and the easy-to-handle ring app so that you can control your security right at the palm of your hand.

Ring video doorbells

Average customer ratings when it comes Ring video doorbells have been astronomical, stating that the product’s sleek design, advanced motion detection, the peace of mind it gives are the best reasons why they are better than all of the previous models released. They automatically detect if people are approaching your property through “ring chime” notifications.

The Ring video doorbell allows you to communicate with visitors or package delivery even in your absence because of the Ring app.

Aside from this, Ring cameras may also be used to communicate with guests during emergency situations or with family members through a system of speakers installed in strategic places around the house.

What you can do with doorbells?

Regular old doorbells are just that, bells. They just inform you that someone’s at the door. Meanwhile the Ring video doorbell touts and features 1080p HD video feed straight to the Ring app while also providing a two way talk communications system to ease the barrier between you and your visitor.

While already possessing the characteristics of your existing doorbell system; in case you did not notice your doorbell ringing inside your home, the Ring video doorbell also enables you to hear audio alerts from your phone or personal computer!

Feel secure at home with Ring!

The 1080p HD video feed will let you know immediately what’s approaching your doorway and your property. Even without any physical presence inside your home, advanced motion detection features are deeply reliable in keeping your house secure and your loved ones safe through the live view and video feeds inside the Ring app.

Patrons of the Ring video doorbell highly recommend the replacement of your old doorbell because of the products improvements towards home security.

Excellent video quality

The image and video quality of the ring video doorbell is excellent to say the least. The quality between the the Ring video doorbell and an old one is night and day.

Comparing the setup is also no contest, existing doorbell wiring is quite convoluted but because of the aforementioned product’s ability to be connected to Wi-Fi and cloud based operating software, installation is truly a breeze.

The camera’s quality along with its quick release battery pack and built in motion sensors, make it one of the most bang for your buck video doorbell systems in the market today.

Can my Ring doorbell be stolen?

Your Ring doorbell will be unlikely to be stolen, it helps deter thieves because of its failsafe systems.

However, you can rest easy knowing that the Ring video doorbell will automatically film everything, including the burglar, as it is being seized. Ring customers will be able to detect whether their ring is being taken, and Ring will replace the stolen doorbell with documented proof through the Ring protect plan.

Which ring doorbell is best?

Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is an excellent choice for those seeking a robust set of functions. It requires some DIY expertise or an expert technician, but then, when paired with other Ring devices, it makes the ideal cornerstone for a home surveillance and automation system.

How do I install my Ring video doorbell?

1. Get everything you need

Firstly, although each Ring doorbell kit has its own set of accessories, they all include almost everything you need to install your doorbell, including a screwdriver, bolts, a recharging cord, and of course the installation manual itself.

Moreover, if you need to screw your Ring Doorbell into stone or concrete, you will need to have a drill. Some video doorbells come with a masonry chisel to help install this.

Ring technical experts also suggest getting a razor blade or flathead screw available to assist you in removing your existing doorbell wiring.

2. Download the Ring app

Then if needed, charge your Ring video doorbell battery through the Ring plug in adapter. In order to connect your Ring Video Doorbell to your home’s Wi-Fi network, download the Ring app and install the latest version. The mobile app will lead you through each and every step, and it only takes around 7 – 8  minutes to have everything established and linked.

3. Uninstall your previous doorbell

Before doing this step it is vital for the installer to temporarily cut off the home’s electricity to prevent accidents. Next, remove the cover of your old doorbell with a knife or boxcutter to expose the screws. Remove the old doorbell from the circuit by unscrewing it and carefully pulling it out, revealing the two power lines.

The alarm wires will still be wrapped around screws on the interior of the previous doorbell, just be careful not to break them by tugging too aggressively. Release the screws to disconnect the wires and properly remove the old doorbell.

4. Place the included mounting bracket

At this juncture, your wall should have the space wherein your previous doorbell was once placed, as well as the two doorbell cables protruding from it.

Open your Ring app and the doorbell’s live video stream prior to attaching your mounting bracket.

Place your Ring Doorbell up against the material above the hole in the very same location where you will install it and check the image on your phone to ensure that you are obtaining the desired angle. If you are not, now is the time to adjust the camera using one of the curved mounting brackets.

5. Mount the Ring video doorbell

Now for the most satisfying part, place the video doorbell device slightly above the mounting bracket and press down until you hear a click.

Finally, restore the power and you are finally good to go with your brand new Ring device!

Other optional settings you may want to do is connecting the Ring alarm to the house’s wiring to prolong the battery life of the main unit.

Furthermore, you may also opt to adjust your motion settings through the Ring app which gives you complete control of your brand new video doorbell.