Home Security Systems & Monitoring

Ready to take your home security seriously?

Quite often home security is the last thing on people’s minds. With our busy day to day lives, sometimes we forget to push that lock in, pull that door shut, switch on the alarm or make sure the cameras are working. Even simple things like making sure there is good visibility around your home can be overlooked.

The first thing someone trying to break into your house is going to do, is to try conceal themselves so they can break in without being seen. This is why most break-ins occur at the rear of the property.

Britlock Locksmiths offer a quick 10 point security checklist to help you to identify areas where your home security may be lacking. It can help you to decide on the areas where you should invest so as to maximise your security and give yourself peace of mind.

Window Locks

There are many ways to secure your property and you don’t have to take a second mortgage to be able to afford them. The best starting point is to look at window locks. These are cheap and extremely effective at minimising break-ins.

As master locksmiths, we often recommend the Whitco Patio Bolt which is key operable and comes in a range of colours.

We also use :

  • the Whitco Multi Bolt.
  • The Whitco Push Lock.
  • Door Locks

The most important locks in your house are those on your front, side and rear doors. The Lockwood 001 Deadlatch is arguably the most commonly used locks on house and unit doors. It comes in polished brass, satin chrome and polished chrome and is available in knob or lever versions.

The Lockwood 001 is very secure and has mushroom pins, which makes it very hard to pick. In fact, it can even be difficult for a fully trained Locksmith to open a Lockwood 001 deadlatch on occasion.

Gates, Garages and Sheds

Unsecured gates, garages and sheds are also easy targets for opportunistic thieves. Don’t skimp on your security. Think about a Lockwood 001 or Lockwood Push Button Lockset for your side gate.

Added security can be provided to garage doors with the installation of an Xtratec Full Stainless Steel Garage Roller Door Anchor which allows you to padlock the inside of the door to the slab.

Sheds should also be secured with a good quality padlock, which we can supply and even key alike to the rest of the locks in your home.

So if you have any concerns about the security of your home, contact us and one of our Master Locksmiths can advise you on the best solutions for you. We offer free quotes and honest, transparent pricing so that there are no surprises when it comes to the end of the job. We stand by our products and workmanship and only use the best quality locks and security devices, to ensure that your security is maximised.