Commercial Hardware

Commercial hardware

No matter what your business, the need for sturdy and reliable hardware around your door locks, hinges, security systems and safes need to be on point. You can rest easy knowing that Britlock locksmiths are on the job, as we offer an extensive range of sturdy commercial products for any of your industrial hardware requirements.

Commercial Locks

If you run a commercial premises, you are going to want to use commercial locks that have been tried and tested to keep your business secure.  We’ve seen it all at Britlock, and have the experience and expertise to provide you with the best lock for your situation.  Your business may need a key-to-fob setup, or perhaps you may need an electronic lock installed. We are ready to discuss the various options available to you based on your particular situation.

Britlock locksmiths have a large range of hardware products, namely: office locks, access control locks, electronic combination locks, cabinet locks, and last but not the least, the good-ol’ padlock.

Furthermore, we only prioritise world class and highly tested suppliers for our commercial applications. Our complete range of hardware is dependable and is trusted by hotels/motels, resorts, age care, homes, businesses, and hospitals all around Sydney, Australia.

If you need to replace parts of your door or locks, we also supply and install door closers and hinges to replace old ineffective ones.

Why should I choose a Digital lock?

Did I mention that we also supply and install digital locks? Digital locks are one of the most advanced devices with regards to home and business security. But why should you replace your old lock with a digital “accessory” if your old lock still works?

Well, you will be happy to know that you will never have worry about locking yourself out of your business, or losing a key once you convert into a digital lock. This is because digital locks are hardware products that rely on passcodes and/or biometrics for it to open.

If that is not enough to convince you, digital locks can work hand in hand with your home or business security. As such, you can actually control your doors and overall security right at the palm of your hand through your smartphone, wherever you may be in Sydney!