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Get Peace of Mind by installing a CCTV system

Why to consider having CCTV installed in your home or office. A closed-circuit television or CCTV system is a key investment for all properties, as it allows you to monitor your property even when away. There are many benefits of installing a CCTV system including the following:

Sliding Doors - Britlock Locksmith

Sliding doors These days, most homes have sliding doors around the back. They look great, provide excellent ventilation and are really useful for high traffic areas. Many sliding doors are left with the original lock from when they were first installed. Generally, door manufacturers are not necessarily security specialists, and sometimes the locks that come standard with your door, can easily break or be picked open.

Security for Rental Properties

If you are a landlord or tenant, it is always a good idea to consider re-keying locks when you move into or buy a new property. Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking at security for rental properties. For landlords

How Safe is your Safe?

Can you believe that it can be this easy to break into a safe? When choosing the right safe for your home or business, you need to get the right advice so that you can make an informed decision and choose the best safe for you.        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyGhEIbZLUU                     

Are your business premises properly secured?

Are your business premises properly secured? If your business premises does not have a master key system, you may well be compromising the security of your business. This is true whether you own a large factory, small office block, retail outlet, restaurant or bar, really anywhere that staff and suppliers are coming and going. Even more so if it’s a place with a high turnover of personnel or where the property is visited regularly by members of the public. From our experience, not having a master key system can also negatively impact on insurance claims.

Rekeying or replacing your locks?

You may think that the only option that you have is to have a locksmith replace a lock. You may not know that you also have the option to “rekey” a lock instead of relacing it. You may not know what the difference is, so let’s have a look at the two different options. We can advise you on the best choice for you once we have seen the lock that needs attention. Rekeying Locks The simple explanation for rekeying is that we will change the hardware that you currently have installed, so that old keys will no longer work and a new set will be created.

Keep yourself safe: How to choose a Locksmith

To most people choosing a locksmith happens on the spur of the moment, last minute, in a panic kind, selecting whoever is available to get them out of a pickle. Is this really the way you want to select the person who you will place your trust in? Locksmiths have access to your family and treasured belongings, so you should have look for a few important elements and make an informed decision, when choosing a locksmith. Here are our tips to help you find a Locksmith that you can trust: 1. Referral by word of mouth

Preventing Mail Theft

Mail theft is becoming increasingly common and a real issue across Sydney. We often hear reports of people having their credit cards, cheques and other sensitive mail stolen from their letterboxes. Often the credit cards will be activated and used before the victim is even aware that they have been stolen. Typical letterbox locks are very easily able to be picked or jiggled open. In other cases, criminals will use a master key that is easily obtained, which allows them to go from property to property, opening all letter boxes until they find the documents they are after.

Holiday Season Security

Here are 10 tips from the Master Locksmith Association of Australasia to help maintain the security of your home during the holiday season.