Secure your valuable possessions with a safe

We supply and install a wide range of commercial and domestic safes ideal for any situation.

Don’t skimp on security, have a safe installed in your home or office to ensure your possessions and documents are secured. We stock a range of large and small safes that can be installed in a variety of locations. Choose from:

  • Floor Safes
  • Wall Safes
  • Office safes
  • Filing cabinet safes
  • Record protection safes
  • Jewellers’ safes

Security from theft and fire

Often businesses and even homes have a number of items that need to be kept safe and secure, including cash, confidential documents, electronic valuables and precious jewellery.

If you have security issues or are anxious about goods of high or personal value, a safe is a great way to add an extra level of security to your home and contents.

Purchasing a safe is an effective way to securely store valuable and important possessions. Depending on what you are storing you may want to consider a fire-proof safe.

If it’s jewellery or cash then you have to consider the rating of the safe in order to ensure the relevant insurance cover.

Britlock Locksmiths will be able to specify and install the appropriate safe and size of safe that will be fit for purpose.

Many of our safes include the latest in anti-theft and fire-resistant technology, making them ideal for any type of business.

Need a safe-cracker? Or a safe repairer?

Perhaps you already have a safe, but have lost the safe key, forgotten the combination or lost the code?

We can also open locked safes.

One of our safe engineers can be dispatched to open all types of safes such as digital, combination and key lock safes. And it’s a lot less Italian Job than you would think.

Have a question regarding safes? Call Britlock today. We’ll keep your stuff safe (see what we did there?).

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