Sydney is one of Australia’s most famous cities, boasting of numerous iconic sights that are known all over the world. Being a locksmith in Sydney, the team at Britlock have the honour of seeing some of our cities finest attractions. In fact, the city is also home to a wide variety of attractions that are not as famous as places like the Sydney Opera House. If you plan on visiting this history-rich city in the near future, below are some of the places and activities you might want to explore during your much deserved stay, while in Sydney:


    Visit the museums

  •  Explore Sydney Harbour

  •  Enjoy the local cuisine

  •  Check out Sydney Opera House

Visit the museums

Sydney plays host to several world-class museums, which are often overlooked by most holidaymakers. To begin with, the city is home to the Australian Museum; the oldest museum in Australia. Housing a range of artifacts spanning everything from natural science to cultural items, the Australian Museum is a great place to learn about the culture of indigenous Australians, and hear their stories and learn about the history of Sydney.

And this is not the only museum that’s well worth a look. Situated next to Darling Harbour, the Powerhouse Museum is another State-of-the-art museum that boasts of being one of the largest museums of its kind in the country. The museum has a rich and diverse collection that covers different fields. Indeed, by browsing through its collection, you’ll be able to spot exhibits relating to technology, design, space, social history and much more.

Explore the Sydney Harbour Islands

There are plenty of other amazing lesser-known attractions if you are not keen on visiting the museums. You might, for example, like to take a trip out to some of the Sydney Harbour Islands. Offering fascinating histories and insights into both European and Aboriginal cultures, each isle gives you the chance to discover something different. The Cockatoo Island, for instance, is a popular tourist destination which was once an Australian convict site and currently bears a UNESCO World Heritage Status. Goat Island, on the other hand, boasts of having a rich colonial, maritime and Aboriginal history.

Enjoy the local cuisine

While Sydney is perhaps best known for its fantastic architecture, another thing that attracts tourists is its excellent cuisine – something that has really developed in recent years. You might like to sample the fine food here by heading to one of its top restaurants, such as Tetsuya’s or Quay. Alternatively, you could pay a visit to the fabulous Sydney Fish Market, or to a farmers’ market selling high-quality fresh produce. You might want to look around Paddy’s Market in Haymarket for example, which sells a variety of delicious foods.

Spend a day at the Sydney Opera House

The distinctive Sydney Opera House resembles a series of immense, wind-filled sails; it is considered one of the most notable architectural works of the 20th century. Opened in 1973, the opera house is the heart of performing arts in Sydney. The facility hosts most of the city’s top events and festivals and is definitely a sight to see.

Other Sydney attractions include beaches, universities, historic markets, the Saint James Church, Hyde Park Barracks, The Rocks, Sydney Tower, and the Olympic Stadium just to mention a few.