Ryde is a well-established suburban community located about 13 kilometers a from Sydney’s downtown area. The town serves as the administrative headquarters of the so-called City of Ryde and sections of Northern Suburbs. Being a popular family-friendly residential hub in Sydney, Ryde is more than just a simple commuter town; it is one of the most popular recreational destinations in New South Wales. While we are merely your trusted Ryde Locksmiths, we are still enchanted by the area!

How Ryde got its name?

Ryde got its name from the historic English town of Ryde which is situated on the Isle of Wight. Allegedly, the name was adopted by George Pope, a native of Ryde and one of the earliest English settlers in what is currently known as the suburb of Ryde, NSW. Pope operated a store in the area under the name ‘Ryde Store.’ He was also Ryde’s first postmaster.

Ryde was originally the ancestral home of the Wallumettagal, a group of ingenious people that dominated the area along the northern shores of the Parramatta. As such, it was referred to as Wallumatta. However, the name was later changed to “Field of Mars” when land grants were issued to army members as a reward for their services in the early 1790s. The name Ryde did not appear until the early 1840s and was only adopted as the official name of the area in 1870.

Historic locations in Ryde

The suburb of Ryde is home to Addington, the oldest settler’s cottage in the country. The Addington was originally a simple sandstone cottage built by James Stewart in the early 1800s before James Shepherd acquired the property and added a six-room structure to the existing cottage. It is one of the most visited historical attractions in the City of Ryde.

Modernisation of the area

Ryde has grown significantly from the simple agricultural community it was during the 1800s to a high-end residential community with a well-established educational system, modern infrastructure, and a fast-growing business district. The city is a great shopping destination featuring several shopping malls, departmental stores and a wide array of retail shops. Top Ryde City and Macquarie Shopping Centre are some of the most popular shopping destinations in the suburb.

As an up and coming tourist destination, Ryde is home to the internationally recognised Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre which played host to most of the Water polo events during the 2000 Summer Olympics. Other attractions that make Ryde a fast-growing tourist destination include popular parks, luxury hotels, great restaurants, and historic structures. Its location along the Parramatta River and proximity to Sydney city are its main selling points.