With Parramatta fast becoming a thriving tourism hub and a perfect getaway destination for people living in Sydney city, the suburb’s hospitality industry has grown significantly in the past few years. This is also attributed to the first rising population and development in the economic sector. Although the suburb boasts of being home to some top-of-the-line restaurants, it’s the many cafes and eateries that have taken the area by storm. Britlock locksmith Parramatta are local to the area, and have had the pleasure of    Below is an overview of the top-rated cafes in Parramatta, NSW:

Circa Espresso

This is a stylish cafe located at 21 Wentworth Street in the heart of Parramatta. The cafe offers a comprehensive menu featuring a wide selection of tasty breakfast and lunch cuisines. It’s one of the few spots in town where you can have your favourite breakfast food any time of the day. And as the name suggests, Circa Espresso served the best coffee in town and their services are available all week long. The café is by far one of the most visited restaurants in Parramatta and has recently become a hot-spot for visitors from outside town.

Paper Plane Cafe

Next on the list is the Paper Plane Cafe, a cozy modern cafe that serves the best brunch in town. This family-friendly joint is located at Horwood Place is definitely a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the best breakfast and lunch treats in Parramatta. Apart from offering quality services and an extensive menu of tasty delicacies, the Paper Plane Cafe also serves a wide variety of professionally brewed coffees. Just like Circa Espresso, the Paper Plane Cafe only serves breakfast and lunch and is a perfect joint for anyone looking to enjoy alfresco dining and 5-star services in a down to earth location.

River Cafe

River Cafe is a small executive eatery that overlooks the Parramatta River and comes highly recommended for business meetings and official dates. However, you can pop-in casually at any time of the day and enjoy their mouthwatering foods from all over the world. Their drinks menu has everything from coffee and fresh juice all the way to beers and wines. Just like the Paper Plane Cafe, the River Cafe also features alfresco dining and their prices are very competitive. For official meetings, you can call beforehand to make a reservation.

Other highly rated restaurants in Parramatta include La Roue Café, Riverside Deli Bar Cafe, The Shed Cafe, and the Badmanner Thymes Espresso. The list goes on and on. If you ever visited any of these cafes and enjoyed the atmosphere and the scenery, you might enjoy another article of ours about the history of Parramatta, or if you are in the area for a short time you might want to check out our Parramatta events page.