Located just a few minutes away from Sydney, Ryde is a small suburban community that currently ranks as one of the most livable communities in the state of new South Wales. Apart from its location near Australia’s largest and fastest-growing city, the suburb also has a reputation of being home to some very modern public amenities, reputable shopping destinations and lots of family-friendly activities. Additionally, there are many annual events and festivals that take place in Ryde; these events turn this beautiful community into one big party every year. Below is an overview of some of the most celebrated annual events in the City according to Britlock Ryde:

Granny Smith Festival

Considered one of the oldest and most popular annual events in the Greater Sydney Area, Granny Smith Festival is a fun-filled family-friendly festival that is aimed at celebrating the life and legacy of Maria Ann Smith. Smith was one of the earliest residents of Ryde whose popularity came from being the first person to grow the little green apples. First celebrated in 1985, the event currently attracts round 100,000 people and considered the largest street festival in the Greater Sydney. Highlights of the event include a beer garden, a live concert, kid’s activities, vendors and lots of foods and drinks. The event takes place in Eastwood, a stone’s throw from Ryde.

Australia Day

This is a nationwide event in Australia that is aimed at celebrating the country’s historical past, rich cultural heritage and achievements among other things. Just like the rest of the country, residents of the City of Ryde take to the streets to celebrate the event through live music, games, concerts, foods, games, pageants, shows, and fireworks. The event attracts participants from all the constituent communities of the City of Ryde and beyond.

Bike Week

In a bid to promote the many benefits that come from biking, the City of Ryde, hosts a one biking event that features a plethora of activities including free workshops, kid’s activities, free bike checks, competitions, and giveaways just to mention a few. It’s a perfect opportunity for the local families to spend quality time together and participate in various competitive biking activities as a group. Other popular annual events that take place in and around Ryde include Park Series, City of Ryde Prayer Breakfast, Cork and Fork, NAIDOC Week, Harmony Day, and Christmas in the City of Ryde just to mention a few.   Those are a few of the events that happen in Ryde today, however if you want to get a true idea of how Ryde became the bustling suburb it is today, check out our history of Ryde article.