Man breaking into locked mail boxes

Preventing mail theft

Mail theft is becoming increasingly common and a real issue across Sydney. We often hear reports of people having their credit cards, cheques and other sensitive mail stolen from their letterboxes.

Often the credit cards will be activated and used before the victim is even aware that they have been stolen. Typical letterbox locks are very easily able to be picked or jiggled open. In other cases, criminals will use a master key that is easily obtained, which allows them to go from property to property, opening all letter boxes until they find the documents they are after.

If you, your company or your strata would like to have your locks upgraded to a more secure locking system Britlock Locksmiths can help. Britlock Locksmiths have been supplying customers with simple, cheap and effective ways to avoid mail theft for many years.

After having one of our letterbox lock solutions applied, you can stop worrying about having your sensitive documents or credit card information stolen. We offer a non–master keyed non-coded letterbox lock, where the only keys that will open the lock are the ones that we cut.

Contact Britlock Locksmiths on 02 9888 9622 or 0418 163 735 or via our website www.britlock.com.au if you need assistance with your security.

We also offer residential locksmithcommercial Locksmithautomotive Locksmith and strata Locksmith services.

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