Commercial Safe

How safe is your safe?

Can you believe that it can be this easy to break into a safe?

When choosing the right safe for your home or business, you need to get the right advice so that you can make an informed decision and choose the best safe for you.


Many cheaper safes, sold in hardware or office supply chain stores often make claims that their safes are “bomb proof” or “fire proof”. We have been to many break-ins where families are devastated that their safe was broken into and all of their important possessions stolen.

We are also aware of many of these cheaper safes not withstanding fires, so again, people’s important possessions are lost.

We are also called frequently to open relatively new safes, which are out of warranty and no longer open, caused sometimes by flat batteries, malfunctioning locks or broken or lost keys.

When safes fail like this, it is often more expensive to have a locksmith come to your property to open the safe than it cost originally to purchase the safe! It really can be true when people say “you get what you pay for”!

Buying a safe

When looking to buy a safe, always consult a qualified and licensed master locksmith, to ensure that you get their professional opinion and expertise. This will help you to make an informed decision and choose the most appropriate safe for your needs.

The marketplace now has a wide range of safes, including fire-resistant safes, floor safes, cash-related safes, document protection safes and jewellery safes, to mention just a few. As such, rather than getting confused and ending up with a safe that doesn’t properly meet your needs, be sure to contact Britlock Locksmiths and we can advise on the best safe for you.

Contact Britlock Locksmiths on 02 9888 9622 or 0418 163 735 or via our website www.britlock.com.au for a free no obligation quote.

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